You can't improve until you measure: A Need Finding Study on Repurposed Clinical Indicators for Professional Learning

Bernard Bucalon, Chris Williams, Jeanette C Conley, David Rankin, Martin Veysey, Tim Shaw, Judy Kay

Session: HCI at Work - Thursday 2022-12-01 09:30-10:30 AEDT
Late Breaking Work and Case Studies Track
In-Person Presentation


Hospitals generate large amounts of administrative data from healthcare delivery. Much of this data is for summative quality and safety (Q&S) reporting rather than formative professional learning. Little is known about what clinicians want to learn about their practice from this data and how they want to see that information. To address this, we designed a need finding study, run at a large metropolitan hospital. This paper describes the study design, based on semi-structured interviews which used four static visualisations prototypes. Our participants, nine specialists valued the re-purposing of clinical indicators (CIs) for professional learning. They particularly valued peer comparison and trends for benchmarking and highlighted the need for risk-adjusted results that are carefully selected to ensure fair and meaningful comparisons. Our contributions are: (1) insights and needs from participant free comments, (2) comments around our four visualisation prototypes, and (3) design recommendations when presenting CIs for professional learning.